The Lickerish Quartet (1970)

"Body to body is the name of the game"
Alternative titles: 夜行性情欲魔, Esotika Erotika Psicotika
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The Lickerish Quartet
  • Director:
    Radley Metzger
  • Full cast:
    Silvana Venturelli, Frank Wolff, Erika Remberg, Paolo Turco, Karl-Otto Alberty, Angelo Boscariol, Annie Carol Edel, Paolo Rosani


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Plot "The Lickerish Quartet"

A jaded, wealthy couple watch a blue movie in their castle home along with her adult son. The son is testy, so they go into town and watch a circus-like thrill ride. The daredevil woman in the show looks exactly like one of the women in the movie, so the man invites her to join them for a nightcap. Tensions among the family seem to rise. She stays overnight, and during her 24 hours in the castle, each of its three residents involves her in a fantasy. She, in turn, keeps asking, "Who has the gun?" Will there be violence before it's over?

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