Drugged sex movies

Genre of drugged adult movies, where suspense and desire intertwine to create captivating cinematic experiences. In this category, you will find a collection of thought-provoking films that explore the intricate dynamics of power, control, and uninhibited passion.

These movies delve into the darker side of human desires, delving into the complexities of altered states and their effects on intimate encounters. Witness characters grappling with the allure of forbidden substances, as their inhibitions dissolve, leading to intense and sometimes unpredictable encounters.

From psychological thrillers to erotic dramas, this category offers a unique blend of storytelling that pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms. Brace yourself for suspenseful narratives that navigate the thin line between pleasure and peril, as characters navigate the consequences of their choices.

Please note that the movies in this category are intended for mature audiences only, as they depict explicit adult content within the context of drugged experiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Indulge in the hypnotic allure of drugged adult movies and immerse yourself in a world where the boundaries of desire and reality blur, leaving you captivated and intrigued at every turn.

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Trauma (1993)

  • Thriller | Horror

Ang Babaeng Nawawala sa Sarili

Ang Babaeng Nawawala sa Sarili (2022)

  • Asian | Horror | Thriller


Luna (1979)

  • Incest | Thriller