Tasty Aunt (2020)

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Tasty Aunt
  • Director:
    Lee Dong-Joon
  • Full cast:
    Sae Bom, Yoo Jung, Si Hoo, Sang Woo


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Plot "Tasty Aunt"

Ga-yeon comes to Min-jae's house where he lives alone and decides to live there. Minjae is curious about Gayeon, who has not seen him for a long time. One day, Jianxiu went to Minzai's house to pick up something and met Jiayeon. Ga-yeon seduces him. Min-jae finds out about this while calling Geon-soo. Da Hae meets Min Jae as a sexual partner and keeps in touch with each other frequently. Min Jae gets angry when he sees Gun Soo wearing only underwear at home. Ga-yeon comes out to meet her friend Da-hae a long time later. Ga-yeon and Da-hae, who are drinking, join after seeing Min-jae and Gun-soo. That night, Min-jae got drunk and had sex with Ga-yeon, only to find out that Da-hae and Min-jae were not related. The next day, Ga-yeon found out about the relationship between Da-hae and Jian-soo, and she brought the four together.

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