The Inseminator (2014)

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The Inseminator
  • Director:
    Kim Quy Bui
  • Full cast:
    Viet Son Le, Trung Kien Nguyen, Thu Trang Nguyen


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Plot "The Inseminator"

A family of three: a man, his daughter and son. They live on a secluded hilltop. The dying father, Mr. Boy, is calmly preparing for his journey to the underworld. But before he dies, he must complete an important task: to find a suitable woman for his mentally handicapped son, 16-year-old Corn, a woman who will give birth to a male heir and ensure the family lineage. His beautiful daughter wants to get married, but probably not before her brother. However, the naive and simple-minded Corn cannot grasp the concept of "birds and bees". Every time Mr. Boy sends the boy to the love market in the hope that he will bring back a fertile female, he ends up having to endure extreme pain and disappointment. The end is near. Mr. Boi is convinced that if his family name disappears forever, the demonic spirits will capture his departed soul.

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