Taboo III (1984)

Alternative titles: Taboo III: The Final Chapter, Nena : Das Geile Biest Von Nebenan 3, Taboo 3, Taboo III, Taboo #3
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7.5 / 10
Rating IMDB : 16 votes
Taboo III
  • Director:
    Kirdy Stevens
  • Full cast:
    Kay Parker, Honey Wilder, Jerry Butler, Lisa Lake, Blake Palmer, Marc Wallice, Pamela Mann, Kristara Barrington, Colleen Brennan, Ron Jeremy, Misty Dawn, Angel West, David Sanders, Craig Roberts,


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Plot "Taboo III"

Barbara Scott's son Paul moves out unexpectedly, leaving her distraught. She soon becomes jealous of her son Jimmy's girlfriend while she secretly yearns for him. She confides this to her friend Joyce McBride, whom she discovers is having an affair with her own son, Brian. Jimmy and Brian are both helping prepare a fledgling band for a major tour and record deal, and accomplish the latter by throwing an orgy for the record company executive. After a hot night of passion with Joyce, Jimmy decides to give in and seduce his mother.

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