The Blood Rose (1970)

"The First Sex-Horror Film Ever Made!"
Alternative titles: La Rose Ecorchée, Das blutige Schloss der lebenden Leichen
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5.9 / 10
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The Blood Rose
  • Director:
    Claude Mulot
  • Full cast:
    Philippe Lemaire, Anny Duperey, Elizabeth Teissier, Olivia Robin, Michèle Perello, Valérie Boisgel, Jean-Pierre Honoré, Gérard-Antoine Huart, Jacques Seiler, Michel Charrel, Howard Vernon


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Plot "The Blood Rose"

Frédéric Lansac, an artist and botanist, has a wild affair with party girl Moira, but throws her over when he meets the lovely Anne. Frédéric and Anne marry, but tragedy strikes when Moira shows up at the wedding party and makes a scene, causing Anne to fall into a bonfire. Frédéric and Anne lock themselves up in his mansion with his servants, a pair of mute dwarves. Anne, needless to say, becomes bitter and demanding. Frédéric tells everyone Anne has died, then on the sly, hires a nurse to look after her.

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