The Catholic School (2021)

Alternative titles: The Catholic School, โรงเรียนคาทอลิก, 더 카톨릭 스쿨, La escuela católica, La scuola cattolica, Garotos de Bem, Katolická škola, المدرسة الكاثوليكية, La escuela católica, Die katholische Schule, חינוך טוב, 善き生徒たち, Den katolske skolen, Chłopcy z katolickiej szkoły, Католическая школа, Den katolska skolan, Katolik Okulu, Католицька школа, المدرسة الكاثوليكية
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6.2 / 10
Rating IMDB : 224 votes
The Catholic School
  • Director:
    Stefano Mordini
  • Full cast:
    Benedetta Porcaroli, Giulio Pranno, Emanuele Maria Di Stefano, Giulio Fochetti, Leonardo Ragazzini, Alessandro Cantalini, Andrea Lintozzi, Guido Quaglione, Federica Torchetti, Luca Vergoni, Francesco


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Plot "The Catholic School"

Three well-off young men—former students at Rome’s prestigious all-boys Catholic high school San Leone Magno—brutally tortured, raped, and murdered two young women in 1975. The event, which came to be known as the Circeo massacre, shocked and captivated the country, exposing the violence and dark underbelly of the upper middle class at a moment when the traditional structures of family and religion were seen as under threat.

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