Dracula Sucks (1978)

"This Time the Count is Not Just Going for Throat!"
Alternative titles: The Coming of Dracula's Bride, Dracula's Bride, Liebling, du beißt so gut, Lust at First Bite, This Vampire Sucks, Kaftes erotikes nyhtes tou Drakoula, Drácula chupa, Draculax, La novia de Drácula, Drakoulas, o sexomanis, Dracula... ti succhio, American Dragula, Desejos à Primeira Mordida
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5.4 / 10
Rating IMDB : 14 votes
Dracula Sucks
  • Director:
    Phillip Marshak
  • Full cast:
    Jamie Gillis, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Serena, Reggie Nalder, Kay Parker, John Holmes, Mike Ranger, Paul Thomas, Richard Bulik, Seka, Pat Manning, David Lee Bynum, Martin L. Dorf, Irene Best,


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Plot "Dracula Sucks"

Everybody's favorite legendary vampire is back, but this time he wants more than just blood in this sexy spoof. Count Dracula preys on shapely women but has one problem: he can only consume the blood of virgins. So with the help of his whimpering assistand Redfield, the count tries to seduce the tantalizing Mina to the side of the undead. But can he do so while avoiding the audacious Professor Van Helsing and his wooden stakes?

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